Product Description for RS 900 Alarm Control Panel

  • Power :9v -12v DC
  • Receiving code :ASK
  • Wireless distance :100M
  • Wireless detectors :16
  • Wire detector :3
  • Full DUPLEX communication with the base
  • Voice and Message Alert
  • Set alarm on or off by controller
  • Call in set alarm on, off, monitor, output
  • Send SMS to set alarm on ,off monitor ,output
  • 5 Group phone + room number
  • 1 Group alarm center monitor phone
  • 2 Group phone to report alarm and dis-alarm status
  • SMS inform external power failure or recovery 

Alarm Control Panel

  • High speed digital communication, compatible ADEMCO4+2, CID digital communication protocol; Send alarm signal to alarm center.
  • Different programmable settings, such as alarm sounds, zone types, recording, monitoring, remote controlling, telephone number, phone line Check, and etc.
  • Compatible with wired and wireless function.
  • 2 groups 6 bits user passwords, 1 group 6 bits setting passwords are both adaptable;
  • 4 groups of phone number and 1 group alarm center phone number could be set. When the alarm activated, it could repeat dialing the number.
  • 5 ARM modes: EXIT ARM, BOUNDARY ARM, single zone ARM, delay ARM and remote ARM.
  • 5 DISARM modes: single zone DISARM, keypad password DISARM, long distance DISARM, remote setting DISARM, DISARM when connecting alarm.
  • 5 zone modes: instant zone, delay zone, 24 hours zone, BOUNDARY zone and BY-PASS zone.
  • Remote control function, external monitor, monitoring from long-distance.
  • Built-in voice module, 10~20 seconds’ record, voice alarm function.
  • Remote controller can be used to set Arm, Dis-Arm, Emergency Arm and other operation.
  • Operate from keypad, easily and convenient.
  • Telephone line Check function, anti-cutoff, anti-lightning strike.
  • Keypad with alarm output can be used, alarm output time can be set
  • Watch dog" function, to avoid system down.

Motion Detector



The PIR is an excellent solution for cost effective residential applications

  • The PIR is a wide angle 10m x 10m with high catch performance and false alarm immunity.
  • Power Input                   : 12v DC Power
  • Wide Angle                    : Height 2.4m (7'10")
  • Operating Voltage         : 9 ~ 16v DC Power
  • Current                           : 12mA at 12v DC Power
  • Alarm Contacts              : 0.1 amps, 24v, NC
  • Size                                : 89 x 52 x 39 mm (3.5 x 2 x 1.5 in)
  • Optical Filtering             : White light protection, pigmented lens
  • Selectable Pulse Count
  • Compact and Attractive design Ideal for Residential installations
  • Operating Temperature : -5 ~ 50 °C
  • Storage Temperature      : -20 ~ 50 °C 
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